Farm: The Hooilanden Farm

Milk/Variety: Blaarkop ORGANIC

Livestock farmer: Lodewijk & Floor Pool

Location: The farm is located in the heart of the Binnenveld, 'sandwiched between the Utrechtse and Veluwe Heuvelrug' and adjacent to the Natura 2000 area 'De Hooilanden'

Place: Bennekom The Gelderse Vallei

Striking: What is special about the way Lodewijk and Floor deal with the cattle is that they respect the calving period in the spring. This means that in the spring no Blaarkop milk is available for the production of cheese.

Farm: Welgelegen Farm

Milk/Variety: Montbéliarde ORGANIC

Livestock farmer: Bart van Laar

Location: The farm is located at the foot of the Grebbeberg, with
the outdoor pastures partly on the Grebbeberg.

Place: Achterberg De Gelderse Vallei

Farm: Goat Farm De Grifthoeve

Milk/breed: Saanen Goat ORGANIC

Farmer: Dirk Boot

Location: The goat farm is located on a sloping slope of the Utrechtse

Location: Overberg The Gelderse Vallei

Farm: Sheep Farm De Vreugdenhoeve

Milk/breed: West Frisian Milk Sheep ORGANIC

Livestock farmer: Herman and Marianne van Assen

Location: De Vreugdehoeve is an organic dairy sheep farm with about 500 sheep, just outside Zwolle in the Vreugderijkerwaard . This area is located in Spoolde near the IJssel

Place: Zwolle IJssel valley

Farm: Farm Van Roekel

Milk/variety: Maas-Rhine-IJssel MRIJ

Livestock farmer: Evert-Jan & Maike van Roekel

Location: Located at the foot of the Grebbeberg, with the outdoor grazing meadows located on the de Grift, which meanders through the
Natura 2000 area Het Binnenveld like a garland

Place: Achterberg De Gelderse Vallei

Farm: Farm Van der Velden

Milk/Variety: Montbéliarde

Livestock farmer: Arie & Gerie van der Velden

Location: Unique location with a farm dating from 1890 located on the Ringelpoel Estate, of which the farm was part until the early 20th century

Place: Woudenberg

Striking: Arie & Gerie 's Montbelairde calving in spring, thus respecting the calf season. This also means that during the spring there is no Montbeliarde milk available for cheese making for about 2 months .

Farm: Goat Farm De Dijkhoeve

Milk/Breed: Saanen Goat

Livestock farmer: Roelof van Dijk

Location: Located on the edge of the Binnenveld with a view of the Grebberg

Place: Achterberg De Gelderse Vallei