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Functional cookies

Name Purpose Duration
Midmid.Shop.Session This cookie is set when you place a product in the shopping cart. Thanks to this cookie, your previously selected products will still be in the cart when you return to the webshop within seven (7) days. This cookie also ensures that we know who you are when placing and paying for your order. Maximum 7 days
Midmid.Shop.Antiforgery This cookie ensures that no unauthorized content can be sent to the site. This is also known as Cross-Site Request Forgery. This cookie has nothing to do with your personal information, but with a safe use of the site. Session
Midmid.Shop.Culture When you change the language, your preference is stored in this cookie. Maximum 1 year

Marketing cookies

Name Purpose Duration
_gid, _gat, _ga Google Analytics. These cookies anonymously store statistics of the use of the site. Maximum 2 year